Thursday, February 02, 2006

Andy Hunter.

If you like trance music, check this guy out.
(the iTunes links require iTunes to work properly)
Andy Hunter - Official Page.
iTunes "Exodus" Album
(check out Amazing and Go, they are my favorites)

What drew my attention to this guy is melodic and deep trance music, the first Song I heard from him is "Go". I loved it, the next song that blew me away way was Amazing. I knew I had to find more music by this guy, I did some research and found out he is a Christian artist. Double bonus! I like Christian music (when I can find some good stuff) but so much of it is either so cheesy or -blah-. Not so with AH. The music is great, the lyrics are subtle and appropriate, I don't think they are cheesy but some people -may- disagree with me there. The lyrics are reminiscent of "Jars of Clay", not cheesy, still uplifting and befitting to the song. I can't give this guy enough props, great music.

When I get a little cash I would like to get his entire "Exodus" album, and the others if I can afford it. Until then I can still catch him on (vocal trance channel)

And while we are on the subject here are links to my other favorite Christian band.
Jars of Clay - Official Page
iTunes "Jars of Clay" Album (check out Flood and Like a Child)


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