Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Magic weekend ahead

So this weekend is the street release of Guilpact. I'll be attending a tournament Saturday at noon, I'm exited to play with the set again and actually be able to purchase a few packs of cards. (and hopefully win a few more). I also joined another MTGO league (magic the gathering online). A league on-line is like a release tournament, but spread out over more time. You can play online at your leisure. My last league just ended, and I won a whopping one pack. Meh, ohwell. It was good practice for the Guildpact Pre-Release, and Release tournaments.

My wife and I were planning on going out tonight, but due to some extenuating circumstances we will not be able to go. Which is unfortunate because she wanted to go to the Market Street Grill/Broiler in SLC. They do some amazing crab and other seafood, I was really looking forward to going. Another time perhaps.

As an interesting side note, you can get some AMAZING seafood along the Wasatch Front in Utah, which most people are surprised to find out. (with good reason since we are a little more than 600 miles inland) Sure other places can get fresh seafood, but it is usually a lot more expensive. (even places closer to the ocean) What is our secret? Salt Lake International Airport. A lot of seafood makes a stop here in the Utah desert before making multiple hops to other spots in the US. Since its making its first layover here, the fish is fresh, and there is more of the load that is still fresh here, so the restaurants and others get it cheaper. This is nice because a person on a budget, like myself, can actually afford it. So if you come to the Salt Lake City area, I would take some time and find a good seafood restaurant (or better yet, Sushi Bar) and enjoy the surprisingly good seafood we have here in the desert.

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