Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Part II

Valentines Day was nice, I got home from work and SuperWoman was working on a wonderful homemade tomato soup that is totally gourmet. It is filled with all kinds of good stuff including prosciutto. Yummy. I made up some cheese crisps, which is colby jack cheese baked until the edges get crisp, to go with the soup. It was a great dinner, and for dessert my wife made this tasty little item. The heart is made from puff pastry, below it is a bed of candied raspberries, and sandwitched between the pasty is a homemade custard with almond flavoring. The sauce and garnish is more of the candied raspberries. And now you know why she is my Superwoman. The whole family had a totally gourmet dinner and we didn't even have to wait in a super long valentines day line. After dinner we invited a neighbor over and played Cities & Knights of Catan. (The gift I gave Superwoman for Valentines day, Cities and Knights is an expansion to the Settlers of Catan game) SuperWoman won by a landslide and we all had fun.

All Hail SuperWoman, Lord of my Heart.
(that was a lame "Settlers of Catan" reference)

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