Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Advent Children

Advent Children is a movie that builds on the storyline from Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII is one the best RPG's ever. FFVII had a lot of great gameplay elements, but what made it really stand out to me is the story.

Like the game that preceded it, Advent Children has a wonderful storyline. The movie starts up quickly with no recap, so I would recommend catching up on the FFVII storyline. Included on the DVD is a video recap of the story which is very entertaining, but I would read a more in depth recap as well such as this recap. The movie is very Japanese (which means I like it), and it's only English language support is subtitles, which may turn some people off. Advent Children also pulls off stunning, and entertaining, stylized action (matrixy/Jon-woo/jet-li style of action, but AV children has its own flavor) which a lot of movies are doing nowadays and just not pulling off. (cough cough) Ultraviolet-the-worst-movie-I've-ever-seen (cough cough) Its a great movie, not for anyone that dislikes foreign films, everyone else will be happy they saw it.

Another exiting piece of news for FFVII fans. Dirge of Cerberus came out today! I'm now debating buying a PS2 just to play this game. :) (ok so I would like FFX and FFX:2 as well)

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