Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm a crappy Blogger.

I haven't posted in MONTHS. I suck.
(Its WoW's fault, I am in no way responsible for my own laziness and or addictions.)

Maybe I'll do a recap log of my activities for the past few months but I really want to share an article I found today.

How to write a good blog post. I haven't been so good at following these particular rules, but I have noticed a lot of blogs are. Especially the blogs that I seem to enjoy. I don't know that I'll ever be able to keep all my posts below 250 words. Heck, if I get going on sushi or M:TG in RL you can't get me to shut up, why should it be any different in my blog? :P

I found this article pretty insightful. Look forward to my future posts where I'm going the rules a shot. (Although I'm sure I'm going to break the 250 word one from time to time.)


DadGuy said...

I'll have to check into that. And I'll have to start checking your blog more. =)

SushiBoy said...

Its a pretty good article, although its geared towards making money off the blog, I'm not too concerned about that. I just want my blog to be more entertaining than watching paint dry.