Monday, August 14, 2006

Heather wins Hell's Kitchen

Heather won Hell's Kitchen. Heather deserved it.

Congrats Heather! If I could afford it I would eat at your restaurant! If you cut out the ciggys you could have a palette as nice as Virginia's.

In the end it was the leadership that she displayed that won her the competition. (IMHO) She picked the people I would have picked if I were in her shoes. I also think all her experience as a line and a sous chef earned her the people/leadership skills in kitchen. Well it was a good show, I am exited for the next season.

But thats all old news now, I got to go cause now I'm recording Good Eats.


Nobody said...

What the hell is hell's kitchen?

I do know what Good Eats is. I'm a bit of a Food Network junkie.

SushiBoy said...

Hell's Kitchen is 2 parts reality show 1 part cooking show. The reality show aspect is the same contrived crap we normally see in Reality TV. The cooking/resturant (sp) parts redeem the show. Making the whole, more than just the sum of its parts. I enjoy the show alot. Beats watching Racheal Ray by a long shot, though if Good Eats is on I have a dilemma.