Wednesday, August 16, 2006

R&R makes me tense

So I've mentioned I think Rachael Ray has about ten shows too many over on the Food Network. I don't hate her, but I'm sick of seeing her. Obviously I'm not the only one, as this hardly scientific poll shows us. (at the time I took it she was ahead with 25% of the vote)

Word is she has a talk show that will be airing this fall. Hopefully this will put a big enough hit on her schedule that she'll have to drop about 5 of her Food Network shows. But, knowing her, she'll drink about 6 more pots of coffee a day, and add another show there too. :P I'm so sick of her. I've got an idea, howaboutz the Food Network puts a few shows about cooking during primetime? Instead travelling and shopping with the-over-caffinated-gidget-lady.

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