Thursday, August 31, 2006

International Night

Hey! Guess what? Its my 50th post! And the topic for the post this evening? SUSHI! (yummy yummy!)

A while back some friends of ours suggested we have International Nights. With the idea of us homecooking an entire ethnic meal, then enjoying it together. The first was a French night, where I learned of the delights of the cheese course. Last week we did a Japanese iteration. So Superwoman and I did the cooking.

At this point I would normally bore you to death with an in depth dissection of the entire meal. But due to the fact we were cooking for 6 adults and 5 kids. I was concentrating on moving the food, and not getting pictures of each dish.

I thought we had a nice menu, which spanned many of our favorite Japanese dishes. To lead things off, we served gyoza, which is one of Superwoman's favorites. Gyoza (often called potstickers) originated in China and hopped the pond to become popular in Japan. (The gyoza is located on the far left of the table)

Next up, Soba soup with tempura vegetables. Soba noodles are similar to angel hair pasta. Deep fried vegetables (that's right Japanese food is yummy) add a lot of depth and flavor to the soup.

Ton-Katsu is essentially a deep fried pork chop. (Japanse food is delicious!) First the pork is pounded out to tenderize it, then it is seasoned with a rub. After that the process is very similar to cooking fried chicken, a flour dredge, an egg wash and then into the Panko. Panko is Japanese bread crumbs. (The Ton-Katsu is on the lower left end of the table)

Sushi (located on the plate on the bottom right of the table) was served throughout the meal, as fast as I could get it out. I did a few different types of rolls, the favorite of the night was the Bacon, Avocado and Tomato roll. (and you thought you didn't like sushi) Well this post is already well too long so I'll wrap this up. (ha ha)

Desert was banana's tempura, which is similar to banana's foster in a few ways, and ginger flavored ice cream. The next international night we will be doing Indian food. I can't wait for curry!

So much for not boring you with the details. I have a hard time stopping once I get on a roll. (ha ha another sushi pun)


Nobody said...

I've never had Japanese food or sushi.

The fried pork chop sounds like what we call a pork tenderloin here. Breaded pork loin, pounded flat, and deep fried. Yummy.

I've never had Indian food either.

SushiBoy said...

I've spent some time out in tenderloin land. I liked tenderloin sandwiches a lot. Ton-Katsu is close but its more like a cousin than a brother. The panko (instead of batter) and the spice rub change up the dish a lot.

Zed said...

I can handle the banana tempura. That's about it. Any left over?

Zed said...

So where's my banana tempura? I've been waiting for a week! Oh, just forget about it! HaHaaaaaaa!

Okay instead of the tempura, go fill out the meme on my blog, because YOU, sushiboy, have been TAGGED!

SushiBoy said...

I guess there is no banana tempura for you, its all gone. You'll have to make do with my MeMe answers!