Sunday, August 27, 2006

Samsung TV

After shopping around, we came to the same conclusion as Dadguy and Bon. Samsung makes a good Television. We ended up getting the 30 inch widescreen model from the SlimFit line. It has great picture. Decent sound for a TV (which I don't use) but it does have sound outputs to pipe the sound to a stereo (which I do use), this is a very nice addition. Piping sound of the TV eliminates the need for a receiver or some other unitasker to split the sound out to the stereo. (and less cables cheer!) The back of the TV is a geeks dream. Two sets of componet inputs, two HDMI inputs, two RCA inputs, USB input, S-video input and RCA (video and sound) out!

I sprung for a progressive DVD player at the same time. While this won't take advantage of the HD resolutions like a Blue Ray or HDDVD will, it will support 480p which is noticeably nicer than 480i. Also BlueRay and HDDVD are kinda in a VHS vs. Betamax type of war. Who wants to be stuck with a bunch of movies in the losing format? (I hope BlueRay loses)

The kids like the new TV to. Its a lot easier for Superwoman to just flip it on for them, than waiting for the computer to start, opening the tuner application and dealing with whatever windows wants to come up with.


Zed said...

Samsung's the best. I have a rather small flat-screen monitor compared to yours that gives the best image ever. Visitors walk into the room and literally stop speaking the minute they see it--it's that good.

Enjoy! But I'm limiting you and Superwoman's viewing time to 3-4 hours a day. Sorry.

Nobody said...

I like Samsung. They are the new Sony.

I think BluRay is going to die. Sony never seems to be able to come up with a winning format.

So far I have resisted the whole HD thing. I just don't care about it. I'm not going to pay extra to Dish to get HD so I would be stuck with the off air channels, and I just don't watch them.

I do need a new tv though. There's nothing good on mine anymore.

SushiBoy said...

Zed: Man its been a long time since I've had my TV time limited. What did I do?

Nobody: Agreed, Sony comes up with a good format but they try to make too much money off of it. And then the format can't be competitive.