Saturday, August 12, 2006

Civilization IV

You gotta love gateway drugs! Superwoman was downloading shareware for Cookie Monster to play. She ran into Virtual Villagers, Cookie Monster hates it, but it kinda got superwoman's attention. Even though the game has glaring problems Superwoman couldn't stop playing it. She liked the aspects of building up a community. But she hated how dumb the 'villagers' were. The game has a Black and White feel to it. But like Black and White, the feature that is supposed to 'make' the game, breaks it instead. Those that have played Black and White, know how much of a pain pet training could be. Imagine trying to train the whole village! So Superwoman got a little frustrated, and decided to give another game a try.

I've spent many of sleepless nights playing Civilization IV, stumbling through the next day, bleary eyed, only to stay up all night to play again. Superwoman has been patient through all my gaming all nighters. (I started to list all the games I've stayed up all night playing, but the list got way too long) But of all those games, there are two that I've gone back to over and over(all-nighters and all): Morrowind (a subject for another post, or four) and the Civilization Series. So when she was looking for better God game. She decided to give my favorite a try.

It was awesome to come home from work on Wednesday and see my wife exp-eriencing some of my favorite Civ-periences for the first time. The smile the broke across her face when she built the Statue of Liberty is impossible to forget. It personifies so many of my experiences playing the game. As the first non-bejeweled-type game of mine that Superwoman has picked up. I couldn't have planned it better. Civ 4, has everything: awesome graphics, great music, streamlined interface and of course great gameplay. I can't wait to play multi player civ with her. (With a mutual protection pact of course).


Nobody said...

I'm not a gamer, but I would like to try Civ sometime.

SushiBoy said...

Its a good game for casual gamers. But beware of the Just-One-More-Turn-Syndrome, it will turn you into a hardcore game.

Nobody said...

I'm probably too cheap to buy it anyway. And I'm really broke now that I dropped nearly $3500 on a lawn mower.

SushiBoy said...

With the expansion out, price on the original will probably have a nice price drop. (Which will still probably be a bit much after dropping 3.5k)