Monday, August 14, 2006

Hell's Kitchen

I love cooking shows, especially competition shows. (although if I see one more sugar showpiece on the Food Network I'm going to throw up)

Anyway I'm about 3/4 of an hour into the finale. Virginia just won the challenge, I hope she wins it all. I don't care much for Heather. I love the show, I hate the profanity, but it must be a good show to make me actually turn the TV to one of the networks (away from my precious cable) during primetime. Although if Rachael Ray gets herself yet another show on the Food Network it may happen more often. I don't need anymore dumb travel tips. (Yuck-O)

Another post coming when I know who wins.

Edit - 1 hour through the show. Its not looking good for Virginia she picked the exact wrong team and then she isn't managing it well. She definately shouldn't have picked Kieth (but she didn't have the benifit of seeing all of the things Keith said to slam on her during the closed room interviews) Keith is going to work against her pretty much no matter what she does. I hate to admit it, but the way she was trying handle the team was less than motivating. I wouldn't be motivated if I was on her team :(.

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